come and join us For a unique one day Polo Experience

Whether you want to motivate, utilize as a corporate team building exercise or to entertain clients, this bespoke event offers an imaginative solution for a day out.

You will be coached extensively in all aspects of the game from its storied history to basic rules, tactics & equipment and to learning to ride for polo, walking on a lead rein or trotting and cantering (depending on your riding ability), to walking with a foot mallet and getting comfortable with hitting the ball and progressing on to swinging a full sized mallet from the stability of the wooden horse.

You then get to put all your newly acquired skills to the test.

The day ends with a two-chukkers match on a modified 2/3 size polo pitch for the more advanced players and on an Ewheels with a foot mallet for a 3 on 3 game for inexperienced riders. As you raise your trophies champagne, you can then relax in our clubhouse and watch a real life polo match in action.

Minimum 6 persons

Sample agenda for ‘ZERO TO HERO in a day’

Your guests are free to make use of all our facilities during the day.

  • 09:30 am

    Arrival & Breakfast

    Participants arrive and gather in the Clubhouse, where a light continental breakfast is served

  • 11:30 am

    Short Sticks Rules and Tactics

    Teams will come head to head on the pitch on foot (with foot mallets) and play a mini ‘hockey like’ game to get comfortable with the mallet and to learn polo rules and tactics in a real life setting.

  • 12:15 pm

    Wooden Horse

    You will learn to swing a full-sized mallet from the safety of the wooden horse.

  • 13:00 pm

    Stick & Ball

    On horseback you will combine all of your newly acquired skills (depending on riding ability this will be done either on a lead rein, walking, trotting or cantering).

  • 13:45 - 14:00 pm

    Snacks & Refreshments

  • 14:00 pm

    Polo Challenge

    Teams will participate in a fun challenge match with champagne and prizes to the winners. Either on foot, eWheels or horseback riding (for experienced riders).

  • 15:00 pm

    Lunch, Champagne and Prize Presentation

  • 16:30 pm

    Polo Match

    Watch a real life polo match enjoyed from the comfort of our Clubhouse balcony.

    Your guests are free to make use of all our facilities during the day.