Col. Ravi Rathore
Lead Polo Professional

Colonel Ravi Rathore is a 3-goal Arjuna Awardee and former 5-goal international polo professional and instructor, who hails from India.  An experienced player, he has captained India in two and played five consecutive World Cup Championships for his country. He is also commandant to the 61st Cavalry Regiment, only mounted Cavalry globally. At present, he is an Ambassador to FIP from India and has played in numerous professional tournaments in over 25 countries around the world.

Sani Khan
Polo Professional

Sani Khan is a 2-goal polo professional and instructor from Pakistan and is a seasoned member of the Singapore Polo Club’s coaching staff. He is a mainstay in club tournaments and has also competed in events in Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Cody Williamson
Polo Professional

Cody Williamson is a 3-goal polo professional from Jurassic Park Polo Club, South Africa. He has played in various international tournaments and his favourite polo destination is Brazil.