St. Ann’s Polo Club & Chinook Farms, Montego Bay Jamaica

Founded in1892, the St. Ann’s Polo Club, is one of the oldest polo clubs in the world. Its present location at Drax Hall is the oldest polo field in the world, on which polo has been continuously played.

It is famous for its relaxed “country” atmosphere and the great parties that follow highly competitive polo tournaments. In the last decade the Club has been expanded into an Equestrian Centre, catering to the other equestrians not involved in polo. The Club hosts, or has hosted, several visiting teams and players from all over the world, including England, Germany, France, USA, Australia, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Barbados to name a few. Lord Louis Mountbatten who is responsible for the very existence of the Singapore Polo Club was also a regular visitor to Jamaica, and in 1938 donated the Hurlingham Cup which is still played for to this day.

Under the guidance of Lesley-Masterton, once one of the highest handicapped female players in the world, and 3 goal player Shane Chin at Chinook Farms, the club runs an extensive youth programme. As you can imagine any visit to Jamaica for polo, involves lots of other exciting activities; including days at the beach, ziplining, swimming with the horses and dolphins et al; truly a polo holiday like no other.